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  Welcome to Onkar Group
Onkar Group Onkar International is an INDIA based Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Importers and Exporters of Strut Channel Support Systems, HVAC Parts, Channel Strut Systems. Our Product range includes Spring Channel Nuts, Channel Brackets, Strut Channels, Cantilever Arms, Pipe Clamps, Channel Cable Clamps, Purlin Clamps, Beam Clamps, U Bolts, Hex Bolts, Washers etc.  Our main motto is to worldwide supply quality and safe  products.
Our company established in the year 1974 with the extreme efforts of Mr. Gurjeet Singh. The company has acquired years of experience in the supply of its products, with a clear vision in mind to promote our leading company with quality products and reliable customer service.
The company's  brand ONKAR which represents our International Quality products.    More....
Spring Channel Nut Spring Channel Nuts:
We offer a large assortment of highly durable Channel Nuts, Spring Channel Nuts, Short Spring Channel Nut, Long Spring Channel Nuts, Conical Spring Channel Nuts, Channel Nut, Top Spring Channel Nut, Hammer Head Channel Nuts that is precisely designed to provide excellent gripping power.  More....
Strut Channel Strut Channels:
Onkar International offer a wide variety of Strut Channels, Plain Channels, Slotted Channels which are manufactured using Stainless Steel. Available in various sizes and sections, Strut Channel finds application in electrical contracting market.  More....
Pipe Clamp Pipe Clamps:
Our Company offer to sell pipe clamps, single pipe clamp, clevis clamp and clamp accessories, Castings Strut Pipe Clamps, Clevis Hanger.  We offer single pipe clamp with rubber lining and non rubber lining. Material: Carbon Steel /Hot Rolled Steel/Cold Rolled Steel.  More....
Beam Clamp Beam Clamps:
Onkar International are the Suppliers & manufacturers & exporters of Toe Beam Clamp, Heavy Beam Clamp, Z type Beam Clamp, Window Brackets, Beam Clamp with U Bolt, Malleable Iron Beam Clamp, Purlin Clamp, Sheet Metal Beam Clamp.  The channel Beam Clamps are also available in SS304 and SS316 grades in bright finish, Zinc plated, Yellow passivation, Hot dip galvanized.   More....


Channel Bracket Channel Brackets:
We are the largest manufacturers and exporters of Square Washers, Flat Plate, Flat L bracket, T bracket, Angle bracket, Delta bracket, Welded Gusset bracket, Obtuse bracket, Z bracket, C bracket, Top Hat bracket, Base Plates, Internal External Connectors, Wing brackets.   More....
Cantilever Arm Cantilever Arms:
Onkar International offer cantilever arms manufactured from steel allow channel to be mounted to a solid surface. Cantilever Arms, Slotted Cantilever Arms are manufactured with qualitative material ensure good performance.  More....
Purlin Clamp Purlin Clamps:
Onkar International are the Suppliers & manufacturers & exporters of Purlin Clamps. The channel Purlin Clamps are also available in SS304 and SS316 grades in bright finish, Zinc plated, Yellow passivation, Hot dip galvanized .   More....
Channel Accessories Channel Accessories:
Onkar International are the Suppliers & manufacturers & exporters of Channel Nut Accessories like Purlin Clamps, Wedge Nut, Back Plate with Dual Nut M8 + M10, Bush & Check Nut, Saddle Clamp Steel BZPP Clips, PVC Strut End Cap, Hex Bolts, U - Bolts, Long Coupling Nuts, Threaded Rod / Bar. The channel Accessories are available in SS304 and SS316 grades in bright finish   More....
Precision Fasteners Precision Fasteners:
Onkar International are the Suppliers & manufacturers & exporters of Precision Fasteners like Hex Bolts, Hex Nuts, Security Fasteners, Shear Nuts, Anti Theft Nuts, Steel Washers, UBolts, JBolts, TBolts, Threaded Rods and Thread Bars, Studs etc. our fasteners are available in many grades and finish.   More....
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